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Professional management for your rental property

Tenant Screening

Tired of bad renters causing headaches in your property? We make sure things start on the right foot by carefully screening every application we receive.


When things go wrong, it's important to jump into action quickly. We respond to maintenance requests and work with vendors to get the job done right the first time.

Property Inspections

Let worrying about your home be a thing of the past. We perform regular inspections to make sure your property stays healthy, and we put detailed notes in your account portal.

Financial Reporting

Focus on your rental's financial performance with detailed reports outlining your earnings and expenses. Your account portal provides instant access to the latest information.

Rent Collection

Rent checks should come in on time every month, without fail. We work to make that happen, invoicing tenants, processing payments, and enforcing late payment penalties.

Property Marketing

Find the right tenant fast, thanks to our comprehensive marketing approach. We use a combination of advertising tools to connect with a large audience of local renters.


If you get stuck with a bad apple causing problems, an eviction might become necessary. We'll hold your hand through the process and work to minimize the frustration.

Legal Guidance

Do you understand the specifics of Massachusetts complicated landlord-tenant laws? Don't find yourself non-compliant. Let the experts keep you current on the latest ordinances.

Why Choose Baystate Home Sales Property Management?

Learn why so many choose to partner with our team

We Respond to Phone Calls Quickly

Don't find yourself stuck with a property manager who never seems to be available. Our team is always happy to speak with you, provide input on difficult situations, or suggest new ways to meet your investment goals. Isn't it time to see how a professional property manager in Massachusetts could revitalize your rental home?

Powerful Technology Works on Your Behalf

While some property firms use outdated management tools to juggle a large portfolio of rental homes, our office runs on a sophisticated suite of powerful tech tools. These resources make it possible for us to respond to tenants and clients quicker than ever before and ensure you always stay in the loop.

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