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Lorraine Lemieux

Lorraine Lemieux



He has a decade of experience in real estate, including owning multifamily homes and land in Florida. He has tapped into his entrepreneurial spirit and owns his own business. His diversified background has given him an advantage with the ins and outs of negotiating in the best interest of his clients. Those who have worked with Eric would be quick to say that he is not afraid to speak his mind and give an opinion when needed. 

               Eric’s ability to identify with his clients makes him unique. He knows, understands and remembers the pressure a home purchase or sale puts on everyday life. His real estate knowledge, with priority on communication will make this process easier whether you are buying or selling. Eric will help you make an informed decision starting with writing your offer to the final walk through inspection. Eric’s knowledge of the community, understanding of his clients needs, and marketing strategies will help you in todays volatile real estate market.

              Eric works for Sankey Real Estate in North Attleboro, Massachusetts as part of a sales team he created, with his partner John Boss. He works for a private brokerage rather than a national brokerage because he finds the structure works best for his clients. Eric has never been one to sit behind a desk. He prefers to work with his clients on a more personal level which allows him the freedom to expand his marketing skills and make his clients his top priority.

             Eric currently resides in North Attleboro, Massachusetts with his wife Jill and four children. Eric will tell you that he doesn’t need a motivational coach. Family is his motivation!

             Eric’s website is www.baystatehomesales.com.  His e-mail address is [email protected] and the best phone number to reach him is 774-254-1565.  Feel free to contact him anytime for questions on real estate or to assist you in the buying or selling process!