Easton, MA:

This Single-Family in Easton, MA recently sold for $360,000.
This is a Ranch style home and features 7 total rooms, 1 full bath, 3 bedrooms, 0.88 acres, and was sold by
Meyer & Boss Team – Sankey Real Estate

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Date: 07/29/2017 Time: 12:00 PM to 2:00 PM  
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Motivated sellers!! Beautiful Plainville colonial with a wonderful backyard and in-ground pool. Custom inlay stonework, large deck, and fenced in patio area by the pool. Perfect spot for the upcoming BBQ season! Fireplaced family room with cathedral ceilings and dining area. Formal living and dining rooms, four bedrooms and two and a half baths complete the main house. Additional basement space features a finished room, laundry area and another full bath. Come enjoy the summer by the pool.

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You don’t have to be a chef to appreciate a kitchen that is designed with lots of counter space. You don’t even have to enjoy trying out new recipes for two or more hours a week to recognize the value of open kitchen counters. But, simply appreciating kitchen counter space may not keep you from filling your kitchen counters with boxes, jugs, nonperishable food items and kitchen utensils.

Steps to more kitchen counter space

If you’re like many homeowners, you want more kitchen counter space. One of the best ways to gain more counter space is to train yourself to let go of boxes, bags and other kitchen items that you have not used in several months. This single step can help you to get more space in your kitchen and throughout the rest of your home.

It may take patience to become effective at letting things go. But, it’s worth it.Following are additional steps that you can take to gain more kitchen counter space. You may be surprised at how easy it is to implement most of the steps. You also might be surprised at how much more useful your kitchen becomes after you get the extra room. To start, you can:

  • Store fruit and vegetables in your kitchen windowsill. Tomatoes, potatoes and onions are good foods to store in the windowsill.
  • Buy a dolly to place cereal, rice, grains and other dry goods on
  • Install a kitchen pantry. If you already have a kitchen pantry, consider storing dry goods, paper towels and pots and pans in the pantry.
  • Add another shelf to your existing kitchen counters
  • Toss kitchen utensils that you never use
  • Box kitchen items that you only use for large family celebrations or on major holidays and place these items in the basement or attic.
  • Place storage bins at the top of your kitchen cabinets. Transfer items from your kitchen counter to these over head bins. Just make sure that you minimize the numbers of items that you store in the bins. It helps to keep the bins from becoming too heavy. It’s also a good way to train yourself to let go of items that you don’t use.
  • Install kitchen organizers that attach to the wall.
  • Clean out your kitchen cabinets. Get rid of pots and pans that you haven’t used in over two years.

A few extra tips to more kitchen counter space

Another way to get more kitchen counter space is to toss out old can foods at least once a month. It might surprise you how many of your canned vegetables, soups, gravies and broths are outdated. Commit to buying foods that you actually use. Avoid buying and keeping food just so you can feel that you’ll never run out of things to eat.

These steps lead to a cleaner kitchen. They also help you to gain more kitchen counter space. You just might use the extra counter space to prepare healthier meals,the type of meals that require you to pull out a cutting board and measure food that grows right out of the earth, so that you can enjoy a delicious, protein, vitamin and mineral rich diet.

Attleboro, MA:

This Single-Family in Attleboro, MA recently sold for $295,000.
This is a Cape style home and features 5 total rooms, 2 full baths, 3 bedrooms, 0.50 acres, and was sold by
Meyer & Boss Team – Sankey Real Estate

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