Reduce Mosquito Populations Now

During these long, lazy days of summer, people are taking advantage of the pleasant weather by spending quality time outdoors. At this time of year, as homeowners prepare to host a gathering in their backyard, mosquito prevention and protection is utmost in most everyone’s minds.

Mosquitoes transmit disease including dengue fever, malaria, and the worrisome Zika virus. The Zika virus is a real threat. Currently, the United States Center For Disease Control (CDC) is advising travelers to avoid infected areas of Florida where multiple active outbreaks of Zika have been confirmed by health officials. Zika is a serious cause for public concern, especially to women of childbearing age who are, or plan to become, pregnant. No one can accurately predict how or where Zika will spread in the United States, but spread it will.

“Proactivity and public cooperation are huge components of mosquito prevention,” advises Cindy Mannes, vice president of public affairs at the National Pest Management Association (NPMA). “Homeowners play an important role in helping to reduce mosquito populations and can work to eliminate mosquito breeding grounds throughout the season.”

Be Vigilant

Fortunately, there are several steps that homeowners can take to help eliminate mosquitoes in their home and landscape as well as in their neighborhood. The NPMA strongly urges homeowners to eliminate mosquito breeding grounds on their property. Potential mosquito breeding grounds include standing water in old tires, wheelbarrows, trash cans, buckets, gutters, birdbaths, and flowerpots.

Do you have a tarp over the woodpile or sheeting covering building material? Water will collect on top of the tarp or cover, promoting ponding that invites mosquito infestation. Empty pool covers and tarps and clean out the gutters to promote clear and complete drainage. Be sure to change standing water in animal troughs, birdbaths, pet watering dishes, flowerpots, and fountains every other day. Place children’s toys, sports equipment and containers under cover.

Help stop the spread of the Zika virus by being proactive and protecting yourself and your family from mosquitoes and reducing the amount of mosquitoes in your yard. Clean outdoor yard drains and storm drains of leaves and debris to allow proper drainage. Repair leaking outdoor faucets and sprinklers. Spread out mulch or piles of leaves so they have a chance to dry and do not hold water that allows mosquitoes to breed.

Repair damaged door or window screens and keep attic vents closed. Avoid over watering of your plants or yard. Do not allow water to pool on sidewalks or driveway.

Take a good look at your property to locate anywhere water might accumulate. Mosquitos need less than a half-inch of water in which to breed, so it is crucial to remove standing water to minimize breeding areas that produce offspring. Once you have attended to your yard, help in a neighborhood effort of roadside clean-up of ditches of trash and debris that could be breeding ground for disease transmitting mosquitoes.

Protect Yourself

When spending time outdoors, wear a hat, long pants, long sleeve shirts, socks and close-toed shoes. Mosquitoes are most active between dusk and dawn. Try to minimize time spent outdoors during that period. However, be sure to also protect yourself and your family during daytime outdoor exposure. The Asian tiger mosquito, the primary carrier of the Zika virus, is a daytime biter. Wear insect repellent.

Keep The Air Moving

Keep a ceiling or standing fans going to keep air moving. Using a fan where you and your family lounge and relax helps keep mosquitoes at bay. Mosquitoes are not strong fliers. Circulating the air can make an outside gathering more pleasant and stop the bite.

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